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I Kissed a zombie
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One of the more popular horror symbols of 2013 was Annabelle, the creepy, disturbing, and flat out horrifying doll which played a small role in the Conjuring, a horror film based loosely on the Case Files of Ed and Lorraine Warren. 

What many people do not know, however, is that Annabelle has a history herself that is just as creepy as the story of Bathsheba and the families she haunts.  Though the actual doll is not quite as horrifying as the cinematic one, the story behind it is just as creepy. This Raggedy Anne doll was given to a young girl named Donna, who carried it with her into college, where she was living with a roommate, Angie. 

At first the doll seemed to only move slightly, changes in position, nothing too out of the ordinary. After a while, however, these changes could not be written off as normal. The two young women would come home to find it on a different piece of furniture, and sometimes even completely different room than where they left it. 

Though these were extremely horrifying events, the two women refused to acknowledge that anything paranormal could be the cause. That is, until one night when Donna came home and found Annabelle in her bed with blood-soaked hands and a seemingly evil smile, it was at this point she decided they would bring in a medium.

The medium told them that before this was an apartment, a small girl named Annabelle Higgins was found dead in the field their building was constructed on. Her spirit stayed there and when the two women moved in, she attached herself to the doll. Both of them wanting to do the right thing, they didn’t see the harm, so they allowed it to stay with them, inviting it into the house. This is when things got extremely dangerous for the two.

Lou, a man who was close with both of them, never liked Annabelle, and believed there was something darker about it than the girls believed. After they invited the spirit to live with them, he began having nightmares that the doll was killing him in different, horrific ways. One night, when they were all three sitting in a living room, they all heard a noise from Donna’s room. Lou went to make sure it wasn’t a break in.

Opening the door, he saw nothing in particular except that Annabelle had moved again. As he approached her, he felt the overwhelming notion that someone was behind him, and when he turned around, he felt sharp claws tearing through his skin. He lifted his shirt to reveal scars that only Annabelle could have left. Though they healed relatively fast, they knew something would have to be done. This is when they got ahold of Ed and Lorraine.

Since neither of them were qualified to perform an exorcism, they called a priest to do it, and the entire house was blessed. Ed and Lorraine took the doll with them to their house, where things continued. In addition to the extreme car trouble which Annabelle was surely responsible for, there are accounts of her levitating, switching rooms, and nearly killing a priest. This is the time they built a locked case which has kept the doll from moving around and causing harm. However, the demon seems to still reside within the doll. 

A relatively extensive documentary can be found here, and theres plenty of other websites with information on both Annabelle and other case files of the Lorraine. 

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Don’t go inside, Will. You’ll want to retreat. You’ll want it, as the glint of the rail tempts us when we hear the approaching train.

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don’t miss the second season and Dr. Hannibal Lecter being even less subtle

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